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If you're looking for the best way to ship purchases from UK online stores, Skypax is for you! Our package consolidation and parcel forwarding services have made global shipping easy and affordable for international shoppers since 2009.

As a member, you'll get a UK street address at our distribution centre in London. Simply use this address when you order from UK stores, and enjoy the latest clothing, toys, electronics, cosmetics and much more! 

We'll sign for your parcels and notify you. When you're ready to ship Skypax will forward them from the UK right to your door. Easy!



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Simply open a Skypax account, then enter your unique Skypax address as the "Ship To" address when buying products from UK or EU online stores. Or have our Concierge team buy for you.

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We are PCI compliant and gladly accept:


Package Consolidation - VAT Refund from Select Vendors - Free Package Storage (up to 60 days)



"I have ordered an Apple HomePod because this device is currently not yet available in Germany. Everything went smoothly and very fast and I received the item perfectly packed in a very short time. The service is a little bit expensive, but is absolutely worth the extra money."
- Volker Blum

"A+++ All The Way! As A First Time Customer, I HIGHLY Recommend Their Services! Especially, If You Live In The U.S. (Like Me) & A Merchant (Amazon Marketplace U.K.) Won't Ship To Your Country. SUPER FAST Shipping / Delivery! Item Arrived Safe & Sound! A HIGHLY Recommended & Trusted Company! Hope to Do Business w/ Again! Thank You SO MUCH!"
- Jonathan R. Strausser

Have some questions? 

Feel free to email our customer support agents before you register. Want to know if we can ship certain items, or just talk to someone about how the service works? Go ahead.


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You'll be alerted when your merchandise arrives at our warehouse, and we keep you informed through every step of the receiving & shipping process.

Enjoy BIG savings on fast shipping!

Save typically 50-70% on express courier rates, and up to 80% with Skypax package consolidation services.


Get your UK Address - Shop UK Stores - Ship to Your Country!

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Concierge Shopping

We are proud that our customers love Skypax. All reviews are gathered independently by Trustpilot, and Skypax has been consistently rated 5 stars for our service and customer support.

We put you in control. With your account dashboard you can view and manage your packages, and ship, simply and quickly. Shopping in the UK has never been so easy!

Our Concierge, or personal shopper, service lets you buy from retailers that do not accept international payment cards, or that require in-store purchase or pickup. Our concierge team are on hand to help.


Here's What Our Customers Have to Say

A very satisfied customer from Berlin

A+++ All The Way!

Membership Benefits

Flexible Shipping Options

Online Account Management

Package Consolidation

Skypax offers you a range of carriers to choose from when you are ready to ship.

Skypax provides you with your own online account portal. Here you can view packages we are holding for you, consolidate packages, request dispatch and much more.

Skypax packing experts will combine multiple packages into one to save you on shipping cost.


Skypax UK address to receive packages

Discounted Shipping Rates

Free Package Storage

Have all your UK purchases sent to your own Skypax UK street address. Our team will even sign for packages on your behalf.

Skypax provides its members with excellent discounted shipping rates from our carriers. Premium members benefit from even greater discounts.

Your packages can be securely stored in our facility, allowing time for your additional packages to arrive and be consolidated.

Skypax - UK Shipping to You

Package Consolidation

VAT Refund from Select Vendors

Free Package Storage (up to 60 days)